Pump Station Cleaning

Pump station cleaning requires extreme equipment and levels of training, something which our passionate and dedicated pump station cleaning team are able to provide. Our team are trained to be able to work in confined spaces and perilous conditions, using high-powered equipment to effectively clean your pump station and ensure its smooth operation going forward.

We provide a range of pump station cleaning services for clients of various sizes and scopes, including pump station cleaning, pump station emptying, pump station maintenance/repair and pump station de-greasing services. We regularly work with commercial associations to ensure that their pump stations are cleaned and well-maintained, ensuring that their wastewater and sewage reaches the main sewer where it is supposed to be heading.

Clients work with us because our pump station cleaning services are:

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Compliant with regulations and guidelines

Helen Banks

I have been working with D Body now for a long time and have found the company to be very professional, and no job is too small. they are very committed in providing an excellent service. Highly recommended

Mike Mayor

Fantastic service very helpful driver would highly recommend .

Karen Thomas

Professional and efficient service from start to finish. Friendly staff, excellent communication and reasonable rates. Would definitely recommend.

Shonny Cradduck

Done a fantastic job, Excellent and efficient service provided! Driver was extremely helpful and very pleasant would highly recommend.

Whether it’s a large industrial pump station or a small residential pump station, our powerful trucks and expert team are able to assist you and clean out a blocked-up pump station which is in need of care. We are widely recognised for our waste removal services, and our pump station cleaning is known to get pump stations back to working order in no time!


We always strive to provide outstanding service at fair and affordable rates!